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GANDHI EXPECTS : Compiled by H. M. Vyas


Published by : Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, India


Pages : 190


Price : Rs. 30/-


About the Book:

This is a collection of Gandhi’s articles and speeches dealing with the various duties that developed upon congressman and others as administrators and rulers. His aim was to apply two fundamental principles of truth and non-violence to public affairs.

Gandhi’s fundamental principle of the governance of India was that those responsible for it had always to bear in mind that they had to run the government of a poor country and primarily in the interest of the poor and backward classes of India.

When congressman went into power in 1937 and Gandhi  brought to their notice the responsibility that they had to undertake are covered in this book.

This collection represents his expectations regarding the governance of India. They come handy at the present juncture when fundamentals are nearly being lost sight of and public men appear to act from mixed motives.

It is hoped this collection will bring home to those who are responsible for running the administration of the country their duty and  what the father of the nation expected of them.