Some men changed their times...
One man changed the World for all times!

Comprehensive Website on the life and works of

Mahatma Gandhi


Our Bapu book for children

Gandhi Katha

Written by: Begum Qudsia Zaidi

Foreword by: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

First Edition: 1955

Printed and Published by:

Navajivan Publishing House,

Ahemadabad 380014 Gujarat India.

©B.G. Paul & Co., 1955

» Foreword
» Introduction
» The Gandhi Family
» Early Influences
» Gandhi's Marriage
» Gandhi's first lesson in Nonviolence
» In England
» In South Africa
» Braving Injustice In South Africa
» The Birth of Satyagraha
» The Beginning of India's Freedom Struggle
» The Freedom Struggle Reaches Its Height
» Dandi March
» Gandhi attends the Round Table Conference
» At Sevagram Ashram
» The Quit India Movement
» Death of Kasturba and Mahadevbhai
» Freedom is won but.....