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Global Non-violence Network

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The Global Nonviolence Network (GNN) is a list of organisations and individuals (many of whom act as official contacts for networks like SERPAJ or WRI) that promote or teach nonviolence. The GNN is published here to facilitate networking among people committed to nonviolence. The list has been compiled (and regularly updated) from many sources over several years. Each organisation or individual, to the best of my knowledge, is willing to act as a contact for anyone seeking information about nonviolence, or is willing to be publicly identified as an advocate of nonviolence. This list is far from comprehensive; it contains about 190 contacts in just 63 countries. I have a supplementary record of many other individuals and organisations that could probably be included but I do not have the time to confirm their suitability or to establish their willingness to be publicly listed. Apart from these omissions, the list does not include, for example, the thousands of action groups that use nonviolence.

The GNN is posted on the World Wide Web at
Global Nonviolence Network
Please send additions/alterations to:
Robert J. Burrowes
P.O. Box 68, Daylesford
Victoria 3460, Australia

Mouvement National de Reconciliation du Benin
Porto-Novo, Ouémé 01 B.P. 2060 Benin
Tel: +229-2022 7330 | Email: |
Tchad Non-Violence
BP 1266, N’Djamena, Chad
Association Congolaise pour la Non-violence
BP 1424, Brazzaville, Congo
Pan-African Reconciliation Centre
P.O. Box 9354, Marina, Lagos 101001, Nigeria
Tel: +234-1-726 8676 | Email: |
Sudanese Organization for Nonviolence and Development (SONAD)
AL dyoom AL shargya, Sahafa Zalat, Bashdar Station, Khartoum, Sudan
Tel: +249-(9)12125374 | Fax: +249-(88)15514497 | Email:
Jamii Ya Kupatanisha (JYAK/FOR – Uganda)
P.O. Box 198, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256-41-427 1435 | Fax: +256-41-434 7389 | Email:
Fellowship of Reconciliation Zambia
P.O. Box 23472, Kitwe, Zambia
Tel: +260-21-221 1407 | Email:
Fellowship of Reconciliation
P.O. Box 4979, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-57 2538 | Email:
Nonviolent Action and Strategies for Social Change P.O. Box CY 369, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-72 2168 | Fax: +263-4-70 3122 | Email: