Some men changed their times...
One man changed the World for all times!

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Mahatma Gandhi


Recommended Books on Non-violence

Title of the book Author
» The Story of Militant But Nonviolent - Trade Unionism Kamath & Kher
» Gandhi - Discovery Of Satyagraha Vol.2 Pyarelal
» Gandhi - Birth Of Satyagraha Vol.3 Pyarelal
» Gandhi - Satyagraha At Work Vol.4 Sushila Nayar
» The Matchless Weapon Satyagraha James K. Mathews
» Development Without Destruction Nandini Joshi
» The Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi Vol. 3 M.K. Gandhi
» Satyagraha in South Africa M.K. Gandhi
» Nonviolence and Social Change Edited by Dr. J. S. Mathur
» Gandhi Wields the weapon of Moral Power Gene Sharp
» Champaran and Gandhi Jacques Pouchepadass
» How Nonviolent Stuggle Works Gene Sharp