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On SONY TV Channel, Every Friday @ 9.00 p.m.

(Repeat telecast every Saturday @ 9.00 a.m.)


A Hardcore criminal, who changed himself after reading an Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, Laxman Gole, will appear on Sony TV Channel at 9.00 pm on Friday, September 23, 2011, in a show entitled Prayashchit (Repentance): Gunahon ke Zakhm. He has now taken it upon himself to transform the lives of inmates in jails across the country.

Prayashchit (Repentance) is a story about victims who offer prayers in expiation for their sins. Very few people have the courage to ask for forgiveness for a crime which they have committed knowingly or unknowingly, and then begins their journey of self realization where they realizes their wrong doings... they feel the pressure of guilt in their heart and want to say sorry.

This show features 11 such people and their stories of ‘wrong doings’, stories of ‘guilt’, stories of being ‘sorry’. Prayashchit is a platform for such real life stories… stories of confession… stories of acceptance and stories of  saying sorry to the  people who suffered and hope to get much needed “Forgiveness”.

Mahatma Gandhi believed in change of heart. The Basic theme of every episode is about a Person who has committed a crime, which has affected somebody’s life. The criminal feels guilty and wants to confess his crime and pleads for FORGIVENESS. If the criminal is not FORGIVEN, then a way of redemption, which is very close to the story / case will be an alternative path for repentance. The narrative will be from the point of view of the Accused/Victim which will cut into recreations at regular intervals. Recreation will be a major portion of the story to make it more appealing to the masses. An Anchor will bind the whole story together and will play a major role during the culmination of the episode.

The criminal on the show will come to terms with a personal guilt by accepting his / her mistake in front of everyone & pledging social / financial commitments. The criminal who has been selected to be on the show in accordance with the ‘Giver’ case study. Every ‘Giver’ story is picked up to match ‘Taker’ story.

A real story of forgiveness but will they be forgiven???


Repeat telecast on Saturday, 24th September 2011 at 9.00 a.m. (IST)

Do watch it…if possible recommend it to others…


(Video courtesy: SONY Entertainment Television)