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Trial of Gandhiji
Originally Published by : V. R. Shah, Registrar, The High Court of Gujarat, Ahmedabad in 1965
Reprinted by : Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Pages : 16 + 272 Price: INR 750/-

About the Book:
This book is the reprint of the original publication Trial of Gandhiji, giving details regarding the court proceedings of historical trial of Gandhiji at Ahmedabad in 1922. That great trial led to a new chapter in India's struggle for freedom.
It indeed involved an unprecedented and profound issue raised by Mahatma Gandhi in four articles he wrote in Young India, and, subsequently he was tried for three articles; two of 1921 and one of 1922. The issue he has raised them was that of obedience to one's duty (as one felt listening to one's inner voice) as against one's obedience to Govt. law; and in latter case the state, in Gandhiji's political philosophy has been brute and barbatic, based on coercive and exploitative power. And for him 'Truth was the highest law and non-violence was the highest duty', and, therefore, for him resisting such state law was the highest moral duty of a non-cooperator.
The trial, thought it has already been the subject matter of many a work, has not yet ceased to evoke interest. It was felt that if the original record of the trial was published, it would serve as historical material for some future legal historian. For the present generation too, it would be of great interest, for the documents published in their original form would give a visual idea of the handwriting of Mahatma Gandhi and to a certain extent also the process of his thoughts.
The book is divided into four parts. They are (I) Introduction by the Honourable the Chief Justice; (II) The Committal Proceedings; (III) The Proceedings of the Sessions Trial and (IV) Miscellaneous papers.
The work contains documents and statements which are either in the handwriting of Gandhiji or signed by him.
This book is printed on hand-made paper.