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Timeless Inspirator - Reliving Gandhi : Conceptualized and Edited by Raghunath Malshekar
Published by: SAKAL for Gandhi National Memorial Society, Pune, India
Price - Rs. 490/-.
'Timeless Inspirator - Reliving Gandhi’ is a passionate attempt to offer a renewed source of inspiration through the virtues of a legend! It has the potential to spur a powerful movement of contagious inspiration. The book covers 45 most iconic achievers articulate their views on how Mahatma Gandhi's principles, his wisdom and his values are relevant in today's challenging times. These 45 masterpieces emanate straight from the hearts and collectively bring the power of Gandhiji's timeless inspiration alive!
From the editor's lens...
Inspiration will be the eternal source of energy as people of the world, especially the youth, set out to chase their dreams, passionately pursue their goals and hopefully, in the process, change the world.
This incredible collection is a fascinating kaleidoscope that reflects thoughts of inspiring heroes - from world's greatest sportsmen to iconic corporate leaders, from music maestros to pathbreaking scientists... in short, super achievers from all walks of life of our times!
The intriguing permanence of Mahatma Gandhi's unwavering principles, elevating thoughts and valiant yet compassionate deeds provides a persuasive design for life's compelling blue print!