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The Gandhi-Gita
Written by: Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad

First Published : January 2016

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Published by : Global Vision Publishing House.
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About the Book:
The Gandhi-Gita is a unique presentation of 'Six in One': 'Biography, Politics, History, Religion, Philosophy and Literature'. This is an immortal book - the first work in any language written on Mahatma Gandhi, which characterizes Him as an incarnation of God. This book presents almost all the important events, places and characters related to His life. This epic presents that Mahatma Gandhi arrived in this world for fulfilling the divine purpose - to liberate India from the chains of slavery and to further the divine message of love, peace, truth, tolerance, non-violence and justice in this world.

About the Authors:
Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad, is Associate Professor of English in Sarvodaya Post-Graduate College, Ghosi, Mau, Up, India. Email: