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Reading Gandhi
READING GANDHI : by Anil Dutta Mishra
Published by : Pearson Education
Pages : 336
Price: INR 195/-

About Book:
Gandhi is remembered all over the world for his love of peace, non-violence, truth, honesty, pristine purity and compassion, and his success in using these instruments to bring together an entire population to attain independence from the colonial yoke. Reading Gandhi covers all of his major ideas - from Satyagraha and Swaraj to his understanding of untouchability, the environment and issues related to women - and comprehensively analyses commentaries on Gandhi by eminent scholars such as Terrace Ball and Quentin Skinner. Written in a vivid and accessible manner, this textbook for undergraduate courses on Gandhi will bring the Mahatma's writings alive for students and lay readers alike.

About Author
ANIL DUTTA MISHRA is Deputy Director of the National Gandhi Museum, Rajghat, New Delhi.