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Mahatma Gandhi on Education

Written by: Dr. Anil Dutta Mishra

First Published : 2015

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About the Book:
Gandhi's concept of education is creative, original, revolutionary, skill development and based on societal need. It is not based on intellectual romanticism rather beyond Marxism, Macaulay, Gurukul and Madarsha. It was unique, innovative, need base and fundamental and provide an alternative.
Gandhi's selected original writings and speeches on education have been reproduced to understand his concept of education and its relevance even in contemporary world. These writings and speeches will be an eye-opener for the readers as it will clear the myths about Gandhi's experimentation on education. Never before, writings and speeches of Gandhi on education are placed at one place. These writings and speeches are reproduced here without any distortion and alternation so that the readers draw their own conclusion. The book 'Mahatma Gandhi on Education' will open new vistas of research and proper understanding of Gandhi on critical issue of making of individual, society and nation.

About the Author:
Dr. Anil Dutta Mishra is a distinguished Gandhian scholar and writer. He has authors and edited more than 30 books and published a number of research papers. His recent book Reading Gandhi is widely acclaimed.

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