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MAHATMA Gandhi's Life in Colour
The definite photo biogrpahy of Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi as never seen before - unless you knew him personally

Foreword By: Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak
Pages: 692(1,300 colourized photographs)
Size: 27.94 x 41.28 x 5.5 cm (11" x 16.25" x 2.2") | Weight: 8 kg
First Published : October 2016
Compiled and Published by: GandhiServe India
Price: Rs. 7,500/-+ (Rs. 800/-Courier charges)
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About the book:
In the book titled Mahatma Gandhi's "Life in Colour", Gandhian scholars, historians, photo experts and graphic designers joined hands to turn 1,300 black and white photographs into high-quality four-colour images.
The book aims to spread the ethics of non-violence by disseminating information about Mahatma Gandhi and popularising his life and works. This book introduces to the reader the life and work of the historic figure of Mahatma Gandhi through rare images and archival material. In an interdisciplinary project black and white photographs were turned into colour images, thus making them true documents of history.
Topics covered in the book:
Truth and God, Ahimsa, Religion and Ethics, Brahmacharya, Vegetarianism and Nature Cure, Non-cooperation and Fasting, Civil disobedience and Prison, Swadeshi, Bread Labour, Sarvodaya, Woman, Satyagraha, Swaraj, Ramraj and Independence, Harijans and Untouchability, Education, Military and Pacifism, Industrialism, Civilisation, State and Violence, Democracy and Socialism, Varnashrama Dharma and Caste System, Hinduism, The World of Tomorrow, Mahatma and Gandhism.