Little Gandhi in Making: Moral stories for all

Little Gandhi in Making: Moral stories for all

By: Violin Vasu

Pages:78 pages (paperback)

Price:Rs. 99/-

First Published: 1 January 2020

Published by: S R Publications

About Book:

This book is about a Life with Values that leads to Success. There are many successful people in this world, but we cannot say that everyone is peaceful. Success is about ethical paths that lead to success but not about gaining results through unethical means. There is a higher possibility of getting success through former than the latter. Also, it gives a more meaningful life with peace and satisfaction. This can be looked at as a journal rather than a book. It is an outcome of intense research on the human values through Sabarmathi Sangeeth project which was started by Violin Vasu to popularize favourite bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi and values attached to them. The bhajans were written by great Saint Poets like Kabir Das, Meera Bai, Tulsidas, etc., Although introduction of values was given through Sabarmathi Sangeeth, while singing these bhajans, he thought through and understood that important values are being lost and tried to find what are those values; what are we actually losing along while we are growing; when do we lose them; disaster that happens to a human and society; and how one can overcome it. Gandhi is an instrument here to analyze and understand the life on where one could leave or hold the values. A man has to become strong like a complete human along with his age. But, opposite is happening. All are doing their jobs, leading their lives and life is going on. But none is at peace or satisfaction. Externally, all of us exhibit normalcy. But, internally none is peaceful. Because, we lost the human within. We are growing in age by killing the human within. So, this book is about having an eye on when, why and how are these values lost? First is knowing when are we losing those values. Next is knowing, we are laying a foundation that leads to loss of values, human and society; and in what ways we can lose them. For all this, Mahatma Gandhi’s life stories are taken as examples.

About Author:

DVK Vasudevan, fondly called Violin Vasu, is a classically trained, contemporary world musician. He has been enthralling audiences across the globe as a soloist, duet player and collaborator for the past two decades. During his journey, he won multiple awards including the prestigious President Award from the late President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Music from University of Madras and Grade 8 certification in Western Music Theory from Trinity College, London. He also attained multiple diplomas from Telgu University and Research Fellowship from Government of India. At the University of Mysuru, he researched on the music education systems applied in India and in the West. He continues to explore various ways to contribute to the field of music and our society.

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