Is There No Other Way ?

The search for a Non-Violent Future


MICHAEL N. NAGLER is Professor Emeritus of Languages at the University of California, Berkeley, and founder and chairperson of the University's Peace and Conflict Studies program. He is the editor of Metta: A Journal of Nonviolence, and the author of America Without Violence. He lives in Petaluma, California.


"Nonviolence often seems the tactic of the naive idealist. As Michael Nagler shows, it may really be the strategy of the shrewd and practical, who have to figure out some better way than the carnage of the last century for dealing with our problems. This is a vital book for us as individuals, communities and nations, maybe even as a species."-Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature and The Hard Work of Simple Living.

"Is There No Other Way? shows that non-violence is more than a pretty slogan; it is a philosophy of life capable of giving direction and pointing the way toward societal healing. Nagler is a master teacher and he unpacks the many subtle ways in which we can personally contribute to building a less violent world. Every political leader and every teacher should be required to read and reread this book."- Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor, TIKKUN.

"Is There No Other Way? is perhaps the most important book about peace and nonviolence I have ever read; at least right up there with the very few, very best. It deserves the widest possible reading , consideration, discussion... It manifests an extraordinary capacity to select and introduce pertinent, revealing, stimulating, and persuasive material from a very wide range of subjects and sources - precisely what the boundless topic of peace / nonviolence demands... A truly beautiful work."- Joe Morton, Goucher College.

"A crystal-clear set of analytic propositions about nonviolence, woven into a colorful fabric of stories, reflection and a clear recurring call to practice nonviolence that will surely capture readers. Is There No Other Way? is needed. Reading it was a lovely experience."- Elise Boulding, author of Culture of Peace.

"With Is There No Other Way? Michael Nagler poses the question that rises in all our hearts with every evening's newscast and morning's headings, but unlike most of us he pushes on for real answers. In doing so he argues convincingly that Gandhi's 'science of nonviolence' is the real and practical alternative we are looking for."---Carol Lee Flinders, author of At the Root of This Longing.

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