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NEW BOOKS PUBLISHED > India's Fight for Freedom
By : T. U. Mehta
Published by : Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad 380 014, India
Pages : 428+30
Price : Rs. 400/-

About the Book:
As the fight for India's freedom was dominated by Gandhiji's personality, the efforts of those who did not subscribe to non-violent methods were thrown in the back-ground. This work therefore makes an attempt to refer even to the efforts which were not non-violent.
It seeks to examine how far the partition of the country on communal lines was inevitable, how the British imperialists, including the labour party, conspired to project a show of liberalism while making every effort to encourage communal divide, what were the inner official workings of those who held key position over India's future. The book also discusses the question whether Jinnah was secular or communal in his outlook, how he aspired to become the absolute ruler of the world's largest Muslim nation and how he failed. It further discusses the role of Mountbatten in trying to have India undivided but in the prevailing circumstances then, it was to remain constantly engage in solving communal problems generated by its weak federation.

About Author:
The author, Shri Tryambaklal U. Mehta, born in December 1917, is a former Chief Justice of the High Court of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. He had a long career as an advocate and as a judge for about 55 years of his life.
After his retirement, he has devoted his activities in taking active interest in public issues and rural development.
He has been a students of world religious and his notable works in English are :- Path of Arhat, Gita - a Jain Perspective, Indian Ethnicity and Religious Heritage, Constitution - some important problems and legal commentary on Bombay Public and Charitable Trust Act, His notable works in Gujarati language are :- Gandhi-Darshan, Gujarat ni Garima, Jain Darshan, a commentary on Shri Rajchandraji's Atma-Siddhi called Atma-upanishad and a book on Pre-Socrates Greek philosophers.