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GANDHI-NEHRU Correspondence A Selection : Edited by Arjun Dev
Published by : National Book Trust, India
Pages : 242
Price : Rs. 95/-

About the Book:
Spanning a period of about 26 years, this collection brings together select correspondence between Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Together they portray a strikingly unique relationship that was not only personal but also political. Notwithstanding the ideological differences, these exchanges bring out a comradeship that while engaging with the larger issues of the day has an important bearing on the understanding of our struggle for freedom and a vision of independent India.

About Author:
Arjun Dev was former Professor of History and Head of NCERT's erstwhile Department of Education in Social Sciences and Humanities. He coordinated the work of curriculum development and preparation of educational materials in social sciences, particularly history, and was the author/co-author of various books including Modern India, The Story of Civilization, Contemporary World History and India's Struggle for Independence: Visuals and Documents. He was Member Secretary of the National Steering Committee on Textbook Evaluation and of National Advisory Committee on Contemporary India set up by the Government of India in early 1990s. A selection of Jawaharlal Nehru's writings compiled by him has been published by the Trust under the title Years of Struggle. Actively associated with human rights education, and the campaign against communalization of education, particularly in the area of history textbooks, Arjun Dev is presently the coordinator of the Towards Freedom Project of the Indian Council of Historical Research.