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Mohandas K Gandhi A Biography
Gandhi's Hind Swaraj
A New Paradigm, Agenda and Programme
By : L. M. Bhole

Pages : 10+198

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Published by : Shipra Publications, New Delhi, India.
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About the Book:
The book seeks to contribute to the debate, understanding and exegesis of Hind Swaraj. It presents an in-depth analysis of a number of themes discussed by Mahatma Gandhi. The book shows that Hind Swaraj is a very relevant book even today. In fact, one can say that its relevance has grown over the period of time as the human civilization is reaching its end.
Following Gandhiji, book discusses the meaning of Hind and Swaraj, about civilization and Swaraj, Swaraj through counter-civilization or counter-culture, post nationalism, environmental and ecological crisis, the question of speed, science, technology, machinery and industrialism, health, judicial and educational systems, religion and communalism and action programme.
Three chapters namely; Three-stringed (tri-sutra) programme for Swaraj, Post-Gandhi Hind Swaraj, and Swaraj Sutre are unique in the book. The book may be an interesting reading for the policy makers, researchers and Gandhi lovers.

About Author:
Laxman Madhav Bhole is a retired Professor of Economics from I.I.T. Bombay. A profilic writer, Prof. Bhole has published many books, and more than 135 research papers in the reputed national and international journals in the areas of economics, finance, money, banking, credit and Gandhian thought.
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