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The Men Who Killed Gandhi
By Manohar Malgonkar
Published by :
The Lotus Collection, An Imprint of Roli Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 100 048 India
Price : Rs. 395/-
About The Author :
Manohar Malgonkar was born in 1913 in a royal family.  After graduating from Bombay University, he served in the Maratha Light Infantry. The socio-historical milieu of those times forms the backdrop of his works.
Book Review :
This book throws light on the men who plotted to and murdered Gandhi.  It is illustrated with unpublished documents and photographs of the trial and the assassins. Painstakingly put together by the author it gives an insight into the minds of the men who conspired to kill Gandhi. Published as a book in 1978, the story was first published in LIFE International, a prestigious magazine of those times, in the magazine's issue of February 1968, on the 20th death anniversary of the Mahatma. However, the author realized that the story deserved a full book. The author could not get vital details by talking to the men who had participated in the murder plot. The wide ranging and penetrating published report of the Kapur Commission given to Mr. Malgonkar, by his friend Mr. Shankar Nayar of the Indian Police Service, aided him in writing this book, which is a complete single account of the plot to murder Mahatma Gandhi.