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Mohandas K Gandhi A Biography
Integrating Body, Mind and Heart: The Gandhian Way
By : Ram Chandra Pradhan

Pages : 16+208

Price : Rs. 95/-

Published by : Trinity Press, New Delhi, India.

About the Book:
A true integration of body, mind and heart (soul/spirit) is one of the most challenging tasks of our times. In fact, their disharmony and non-integration is not only afflicting the human life but also the entire cosmic order. Worldly success and material gains have become the secular gods of today. As such they are presenting the greatest obstacles to an integrated and holistic life.
'Integrating Body, Mind and Heart' is designed to delineate the various dimensions of this problem. It also reviews and revivifies a number of ways and means to bring about such integration. Gandhi lived through his ideas ideals and demonstrated through his life the possibilities of their practicability and perfectibility.
The book seeks to present some broad ideas for holistic approach to life, particularly for the young women and men of our universities. It is intended to prompt and provoke them to seek their own light which is perfectly symbolized by Buddha’s words-Atma Deepo Bhava (Be your own light).

About Author:
Rama Chandra Pradhan a well-known social activist and a Gandhian scholar, taught at Ramjas College, Delhi University for several decades. As one of the conveners of the Lokayan project and as an activist thinker of the Movement for Peace and Alternative Development, he has travelled all over the world and interacted with activists and scholars across the continents. Dr. Pradhan has been a recipient of the Senior Fulbright Scholorship (1979-80) and the Indo-Canadian Fellowship (1993). He is the author of several books including Raj to Swaraj (both in English and Hindi); Reading and Reappraising Gandhi and Colonialism in India of published by Macmillan India. He has also books on the Bhagavad Gita and Koran Sharif to his credit. At present, he has taken to whole time writing and is engaged in a multi-volume study of the Indian Socialist Movement. Presently, he is attached to the Institute of Gandhian Studies, Wardha, Maharashtra.