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Gandhi, Gandhism And The Gandhians
By Thomas Weber
Published by :
The Lotus Collection, An Imprint of Roli Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 110 048 India
Price : Rs. 395/-

About The Author :
Thomas Weber teaches politics and peace studies at Melbourne's La Trobe University. He has been researching and writing on Gandhi's life, thought and legacy for over twenty years.
About the Book:
Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy of truth and nonviolence have intrigued the world for decades. Looking at the Western and Indian influences that had gone into making Gandhi the Mahatma, and the central importance of Gandhi to nonviolent activism, these essays reclaim the power of truth and nonviolence, which can still change the destinies of people and nations.  This book rediscovers Gandhi and his persona, his philosophy, and the way his followers have interpreted it for the changing times.
With a forward by Rajmohan Gandhi, Thomas Weber discusses how the doctrine of conflict resolution theory, new environmentalism, peace research, deep ecology, and Buddhist economics based on Gandhian principles, renews the world's belief in Mahatma and his teachings for our life and our times.