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Gandhi On Personal Leadership
By Anand Kumarasamy
Published by :
Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai 400 001 India
Price : Rs. 250/-
This book studies the life of Mahatma Gandhi and emerges with lessons of personal growth and transformation. It attempts to provide some principles, ideas and alternatives that can help us in leading a life of greater substance. It traces the journey of Gandhi from being a timid child to the visionary leader who bequeathed to the world a novel method of fighting oppression. His story and lessons are intended to inspire us to stretch beyond ourselves and to get in touch with the power that lies hidden within us. This book is an attempt to remind us of what the better angels of our nature are capable of and it aspires to be a guide for our own journey of self-discovery, maturity and learning. The book starts with a short biography of Gandhi and then goes on to outline the lessons of his personal growth and transformation from which we can learn.