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Debating Gandhi (A Reader)
Edited By A. Raghuramaraju
Published by:
Oxford University Press, New Delhi 110 001 India
Price : Rs. 595/-
Gandhi continues to be a subject of enduring interests for people from all walks of life.  In the nearly six decades since his death, a large and diverse range of writing has appeared on Gandhi. This volume puts together different interpretations of the Mahatma's views on myriad issues. Presenting contesting positions of renowned scholars on issues critical for understanding Gandhi these essays sweep a wide canvas. Differing views on the impact of traditional ideas and western influences on Gandhi; his negotiations with modernity,; his idea of truth; his views on women and his complex intellectual relationship with Babasaheb Ambedkar - a champion of India's oppressed classes, are all discussed in some detail in this volume. The essays focus attention on issues of continuing relevance - tradition, modernity, nation, women and caste - thereby giving the volume a contemporary flavour. The placing of side by side of standpoints for debates is the recurring theme of the volume.  This Gandhi reader will interest students and scholars of politics, history, philosophy and general readers and admirers of Gandhi.