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Gandhi and Leadership
Gandhi and Leadership
New Horizons in Exemplary Leadership
Written by: Satinder Dhiman
First Published: July 2015
Total Pages : 266 pages
Published by : Palgrave Macmillan

About the Book:
From the pages of recent history, Gandhi emerges as a grand strategist, an exemplary leader, and an uncanny master of human nature. His leadership style was "follower-centric" and "contextual." In Gandhi and Leadership, Professor Dhiman explores the moral and spiritual-philosophical foundations and context of Gandhi's approach to leadership. What sets it apart from most existing works on Gandhi's life and leadership is its special emphasis on the spiritual and moral anchorage of his leadership. The book focuses on seven Gandhian values that are most relevant in the contemporary workplace: authenticity/personal integrity, harmlessness (ahimsa), truthfulness (satyagraha or truth-force), transparency, humility, selfdiscipline, and selfless service.
This book skillfully weaves history, biography, memoirs, anecdotes, stories seamlessly to create a valuesdriven road-map for modern leaders. Dhiman applies this conceptual framework of value-based approach to leadership to explore and unravel the leadership secrets of Gandhi. He presents Gandhi's leadership principles and practices that are based on the moral and spiritual values of truth, non-violence, transparency, humility, self-discipline, and selfless service. These values present a broad spectrum view of practices that are sorely needed to be cultivated by the present-day corporate leaders.
Including a foreword from Arun Gandhi, Gandhi's grandson, this book offers personal insight into Gandhi's philosophy and the impact it has on business today.

About Author:
Satinder Dhiman, PhD, EdD., is Professor of Management, Associate Dean, and Director of the MBA Program at Woodbury University's School of Business, USA. He has completed advanced Executive Leadership Programs at Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton. He has co-authored various books, most recently, Leading Spiritually (2014); Teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior through Humor (2012); Business Administration Education (2012); Managing in the 21st Century (2011); Stories to Tell Your Students (2011); Workplace and Spirituality (2009); and Spirituality in the Workplace (2007). His recent book, Seven Habits of Highly Fulfilled People (2012/2014), is about transforming our search for success into a discovery of profound meaning and significance.

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