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Essays on Mahatma's life and thought

By : Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari
Translated from Hindi by: Ramchandra Pradhan

First Published : 2014
Price : Rs. 400/-
Published by : Institute of Gandhian Studies, Gopuri, Wardha 442 001, MS, India.

About the Book:
The book contains essays on Mahatma Gandhi's life and thoughts, It is a scholary work by Justice Dharmadhikari.

About the Author:
Justice Dharmadhikari is an erudite and seminal scholar. However, he never confines himself within the four walls of ivory tower scholarship. Though working in judiciary which involves some kind of social isolation, Justice Dharmadhikari has always kept himself abreast of his times, surrounding and their problems. His studies, thinking and reflections are based on high moral and ethical values of life. He is prominent among the few thinkers who can provide necessary and appropriate guidance in a turbulent society. Read More...