Gandhi : In Anecdotes

By Ravindra Varma

About The Author :

Ravindra Varma is a learned scholar, who has been running the Institute of Gandhian Studies at Gopuri, Wardha for several years.


Gandhi: In Anecdotes : In this book some of incidents has chosen from his days in South Africa; some from his days in the United Kingdom, and others from the days in India. These incidents or anecdotes are picked up in the hope that they will bring out some of the aspects of Gandhi's many - splendoured and unique personality.

It is very difficult to decide what to choose, and what to omit. In making the choice, many anecdotes relating to well-known public occasions have been omitted since they find mention in most biographies of Gandhi. The least that one can do, therefore, is to request the reader to turn to a biography as well.

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Navajivan Publishing House
Ahmedabad 380014 India

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