Mahatma Gandhi and Mass Media

Mediating Conflict and Social Change

Tagore and Gandhi, Walking Along, Walking Together book cover page

Teresa Joseph

Pages:194 pages (Hardcover)

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First Published:
1st January, 2022

Published By:
Routledge (Manohar Publishers & Distributors)

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About the Book:

This book explores Gandhi’s engagement with print news media. It examines how Gandhi, the man and his message, negotiated with the sociopolitical circumstances of his milieu and the methods of communication that he adopted towards this end. It analyses the role that he played in building up alternative modes of communication in South Africa and India. This volume elucidates his interactions with the colonial communication order and his contestations of the same through various methods that included setting up new journals and newspapers and taking on the role of writer, journalist, editor, and publisher. It unveils Gandhi’s engagement with mass media and print journalism, particularly concerning issues of conflict and conflict resolution, as well as social transformation right from his days in London to the last days of his life.

A significant contribution to scholarship on Mahatma Gandhi, this volume will be of great interest to scholars of politics, media and cultural studies, history, and South Asian studies.

About the Author:

Teresa Joseph is Associate Professor in Political Science and Director of the Centre for Gandhian Studies at Alphonsa College, Pala, Kerala, India. Besides having written a number of articles on politics, international relations, mass media, and Mahatma Gandhi, she is the author of Reporting Nuclear Pakistan: Security Perceptions and the Indian Press and co-editor of Deliberative Democracy: Understanding the Indian Experience and Conflict Resolution in South Asia.

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