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Gandhian Engagement with Capital
Perspectives of J.C. Kumarappa
By: Chaitra Redkar
Pages: 240 pages (Hard Bound)
Price : Rs. 750/-
First Published : January 2019

Published by : SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd (1st January 2019)
B 1/I-1 Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road, New Delhi 110044, India. | Tel: +91-11-4053 9222

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About the Book:

Gandhian engagement with capital: perspectives of J C kumarappa comprehensively presents the Gandhian ideas on economic development and political economy.
within this larger context, it focuses on the towering contributions of J C kumarappa, the pioneer of the Gandhian model of economic development, and describes, from his standpoint, how the moral and political dispositions of Gandhism amount to a critique of capitalism. The book also covers in detail the major facets of kumarappa’s contribution to Gandhism: developing a non-mechanized, non-capitalist model of industrialization; presenting the holistic development approach; reflecting on the role of the state in facilitating a village-centric economy; and exploring the role of religion in developing the moral foundation of the Gandhian political economy. These reflect the historical context of kumarappa’s scholarship and his deep understanding of the various dimensions of Gandhian thought.
The book highlights the debates within Gandhism and imparts a nuanced understanding of other Gandhian thinkers. Further, it presents several discourses in modern Indian political thought by analysing the interplay of narratives.

About the Author:

Chaitra Redkar is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at SNDT Women's University, Mumbai. She holds a PhD in Politics from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Dr Redkar specializes in Modern Indian Political Thought and Social Movements, with more than two decades of research and teaching experience in these areas. She has been closely associated with the Gandhian movement in Maharashtra. Dr Redkar has written broadly in the area of political ideas and Indian politics. She has many publications to her credit, including books, book chapters, journal articles, newspaper columns and translations. Among these, her political biography of a lesser known Gandhian activist, Sane Guruji, in her mother tongue, Marathi, should be especially mentioned. | Email: