Gandhi and Champaran Satyagraha: Select Readings

Gandhi and Champaran Satyagraha: Select Readings book cover

Suranjan Das

Pages:880 pages (Hardcover)

Rs. 1,995/-

First Published:
1st April, 2022

Published By:
Primus Books, Delhi, India

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About the Book:

This volume looks back at the Champaran Satyagraha of 1917 through contemporary accounts and scholarly reflections. Organized into five parts, the collection contains passages from Gandhi’s own recollection of the Satyagraha; excerpts from the accounts of participants such as Rajendra Prasad and J.B. Kripalani; statements of indigo ryots; selections from official documents; and extracts from the works of historians and academics. Gandhi and the Champaran Satyagraha: Select Readings provides readers with an idea of how the first Gandhian mass political intervention in India has been recreated, contextualized, and assessed in writings, and captured through some archival visuals.

About the Editor:

Suranjan Das is Vice-Chancellor, Jadavpur University and Honorary Director, Netaji Institute for Asian Studies, Kolkata. An Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Exeter, he has also held visiting assignments at leading international institutions of higher learning and is associated with decision-making bodies in India’s higher education system. He specializes in South Asian history and politics and has authored six monographs, co-authored six books, co-edited seven volumes and published several articles in referred journals and edited volumes.

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