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NEW BOOKS PUBLISHED > Gandhi After 9/11: Creative Nonviolence and Sustainability
Gandhi After 9/11
Creative Nonviolence and Sustainability
By: Allen Douglas
Pages: 288 pages (Hard Bound)
Price : Rs. 845/-
First Published : January 2019

Published by : Oxford University Press (10th January 2019)

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About the Book:

9/11 marked the beginning of a century that is defined by widespread violence. Every other day seems to be a furthering of the already catastrophic present towards a more disastrous tomorrow. With climate change looming over us, frequent economic instability, religious wars, and relentless political mayhem, life for what we have made of it seems more and more unsustainable. Douglas Allen insists that we look to Gandhi, if only selectively and creatively, in order to move towards a nonviolent and sustainable future.

Is a Gandhi-informed swaraj technology, valuable but humanly limited, possible? What would a Gandhian world—a more egalitarian, interconnected, decentralized—of globalization look like? Focusing on key themes in Gandhi's thinking such as violence and nonviolence, absolute truth and relative truth, ethical and spiritual living, and his critique of modernity, the book compels us to rethink our positions today.

About the Author:
Douglas Allen is professor and former chairperson of philosophy at the University of Maine, USA. | Email: