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58. Not Mechanical
Unlimited Ahimsa will take time to be universalized. We will have ample cause to congratulate ourselves, if we learn to substitute the law of love in society for that of the jungle, and if, instead of harbouring ill-will and enmity in our bosoms against those whom we regard as our enemies, we learn to love them as actual and potential friends. It should be remembered too that mere jivadaya (kindness to animals) does not enable us to overcome the 'Six deadly enemies' within us, namely lust, anger, greed, infatuation, pride and falsehood. Give me the man who has completely conquered self and is full of goodwill and love towards all, and is ruled by the law of love in all his actions, and I for one will offer him my respectful homage even though he be a meat-eater. On the other hand the jivadaya of a person who is steeped in anger and lust but daily feeds the ants and insects and refrains from killing has hardly anything in it to recommend itself. It is a mechanical perfor-mance without any spiritual value. It may even be worse a hypocritical screen for hiding the corruption within.
Sevagram, 9-9-'40
Harijan, 15-9-1940