Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon

Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF), was inaugurated by then President of India, Pratibha Patil on 25th March, 2012. It is the promoter of ‘Gandhi Teerth’ which is sponsored by Jain Irrigation and Bhavarlal Kantabai Foundation.

The Foundation is the initiator and promoter of 'Gandhi Teerth', an international centre for Gandhian study, research and dialogue. Its core objective is to preserve and promote promote Gandhiji’s philosophy and legacy based on truth, non-violence, peaceful co-existence and the spirit of conservation.

The GRF has undertaken numerous initiatives to not only popularize Gandhiji’s life and principles, but also to preserve them for posterity. The foundation has a collection of 7350 books, 4090 periodicals, 4019 photographs, 75 films, 148 audio recordings of Mahatma Gandhi's speeches, and philately items from 114 countries.

The GRF is located at the Gandhi Teerth, Jalgaon (in northwesten Maharashtra, India), encompassing an international research centre, a monumental Gandhi museum, a library and modern archives.

How to reach:

The Museum is located at Jalgaon, Maharashtra which is well connected by road and rail to the rest of India. The nearest domestic airport is Aurangabad (50 kms / 31 miles). Nearest international airport is Mumbai. Road distance between Mumbai and Jalgaon is approx. 415 kms / 257 miles.


Gandhi Research Foundation
Gandhi Teerth, P.O. Box 118,
Jain Hills, Jalgaon 425001 (Maharashtra), India
Tel.: +91-257-2264801