Wanless, Dr. Sir William James

Letter, June 2, 1931185

[Dr. Wanless (1865-1933), born in Canada, was a Presbyterian medical missionary in India for many years. He established a medical school and a leper asylum in Miraj. He examined Gandhiji in March 1927 when he suddenly fell ill during a tour and advised rest. He retired to the United States in 1928, the year in which he was knighted.]

As at Sabarmati,
June 2, 1931

Dear friend,
I thank you for your letter. Whilst I have a very vivid recollection of your personal services to me I have long ceased even to think of rewarding such services materially. I have rendered myself practically incapable of rendering such services. The only service therefore I have for years rendered for them has been heartfelt thanks, and heartfelt thanks of a poor man like me take the shape of blessings. I must confess that I have been the recipient of personal kindnesses from many quarters. Just imagine what would be my state and the state of rich men whom I only know in public life if I were to ask them for donations for the enterprises of my benefactors. You will therefore please excuse me for my inability to respond to your desire.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Sir W.J. Wanless
1016 Matilija Road
Glendale, California

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