[Ralph Richard Keithahn (1898- ) from Fairmont, Minnesota, was a missionary and social worker in India from 1925. He became a supporter of the Indian national movement and an admirer of Gandhiji. The British authorities threatened in 1930 to deport him for wearing khadi and he was forced by his mission to resign from his position as principal of a training college. In the 1940s, he severed his connection with the American Madura Mission, dressed in Indian clothes and worked in the villages. He also worked with the student movement. He was externed from Mysore State in August 1944 and the Indian Government issued deportation orders in September. He later lived in Gandhigram near Madura.115]

Letter, July 7, 1944116

July 7, 1944

Dear friend,
I hope you will have a successful gathering. Twenty real votaries of Truth and Love are equal to or rather more than a match for a number of indifferent persons raised to Nth power.


Rev. R.R. Keithahn
156 Banvarghatti
Bangalore City

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