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Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule

Written by: M.K. Gandhi

Translated fron the Gujarati by: Valji Govindji Desai

First Edition: 1938

Printed & Published by:

Navajivan Publishing House,

Ahemadabad 380014, Gujarat, India.

» To The Reader
» Preface to the New Edition
» Preface
» A word of explanation
» A Message
» Congress and Its Officials
» The Partition of Bengal
» Discontent and Unrest
» What is Swaraj?
» The condition of England
» Civilization
» Why was India lost?
» The condition of India
» The condition of India (continued): Railways
» The condition of India (continued): The Hindus and The Mahomedans
» The condition of India (continued): Lawyers
» The condition of India (continued): Doctors
» What is true civilization?
» How can India become free?
» Italy and India
» Brute Force
» Passive Resistance
» Education
» Machinery
» Conclusion
» Appendices