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Non-English words with their meanings
Angithi —a small coal stove
Ashram — a place of spiritual retirement; Gandhiji's colony of workers
Ayurveda — the science of health or medicine, regarded as a supplement to Atharvaveda, which is one of the four Vedas or Hindu sacred books
Bhajan — hymn, prayer in the form of song Bhakri— flat, hard, unleavened bread
Bidi — indigenous cigarettes in which tobacco is wrapped in hand-twisted dry leaves
Bilva —leaf of a sacred tree of that name, Aegles Marmelos or wood-apple
Chapati— flat, unleavened bread
Dharma — law of conduct, duty
Ghi, Ghee—clarified melted butter Go-seva—service of the cow
Go-seva Sangh —an association for the protection and welfare of cows
Hakim— physician following Unani system of medicine
Kavo—a hot beverage made up of water, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, etc.
Khichadi—a preparation of rice mixed with cooked dal or pulse
Kshetra Sannyasa—restriction to a definite field of work to the exclusion of other fields
Lakh—a. hundred thousand
Langoti—a small piece of cloth tied round the private parts
Lota —a. small metal vessel
Mowhra — seed of Mowhra tree, Bassia Latifolia
Mung —a kind of pulse
Neem —a tropical tree, Melia Azaderach
Pooja — ritualistic worship and offering
Purnanna— literally, complete diet; an experiment in which vegetables and two or three kinds of flour are steamed together possessing complete food values
Purnanna roti—a bread steamed with vegetables in it and possessing complete food values
Ramanama — name of Rama or God
Shastra—scripture; authoritative writing
Shloka— verse
Vaidya—Ayurvedic doctor