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To Nature Cure Seekers
Dr. A.K. Bhagwat writes from Uruli-Kanchan that since the publication of his six monthly report, he is flooded with letters from Nature Cure seekers desiring admission into his clinic. It is necessary, therefore, to inform the public that the Nature Cure Clinic of Uruli-Kanchan is mainly intended for local residents. There is no adequate accommodation for local indoor patients even, and so it is working as an outdoor clinic only. Correspondents are, therefore, requested not to apply for permission to go to Uruli-Kanchan, or to proceed to that place in the hope of getting admission.
Those who are interested in Dr.Bhagwat's system can get it from two Marathi books (price including postage, 10 and 14 annas respectively) and an English pamphlet (price 7 annas including postage). The order should be sent directly to Dr. A.K. Bhagwat, Naturopath, Uruli-Kanchan, District Poona, along with the necessary remittance in postage stamps or money order. No order will be executed by V.P.P.
Harijan, 12-1-'47, K.G.M.