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Mahatma Gandhi Photo Gallery
1933 & 1948
His feet being washed after the end of the daily march, Noakhali, December 1946 Greeting the Villagers, Noakhali, January 1947 Gandhi in Noakhali, January 1947 Visit to a riot affected area in Bihar, March 1947 On his evening walk in Patna, March 22, 1947
Talking to a blind villager who contributed to Bihar Relief Fund, March 26, 1947 Gandhi with Abdul Gaffar Khan during the tour of Jahanabad, Bihar, March 28, 1947 In the riot affected area of Bela, Bihar, March 28, 1947 His first meeting with Lord and Lady Mountbatten, Delhi, March 31, 1947 Gandhi having his evening meal during the long conference with Lord Mountbatten, April 1947
The Joint Peace appeal signed by Jinnah & Gandhi dated Delhi, April 1947 Gandhi at a Prayer meeting, 1947 Ophthalmic report on Gandhi's eyesight at the age of 77, 1947 Gandhi plugging his ears against the deafening din of the demonstrators before his Beliaghat residence at Calcutta, August 15, 1947 Gandhi in Noakhali hat, Delhi, November 1947
Gandhi with Amrit Kaur at the All-India Radio, New Delhi, from where he gave a broadcast message to refugees on November 12, 1947 Thakin Nu, Premier of Burma, with Gandhi, Delhi, December 4, 1947 Representatives of various organizations pledge their word for communal peace and request Gandhi to break his fast, January 18, 1948 Gandhi breaking his fast, Delhi, January 18, 1948 Writing a prayer message, January 18, 1948
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