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29. A Hard Case
With reference to an Ashram worker who got mentally deranged and became violent, and so had to be put in confinement, Gandhiji said:
"He is a fine worker. After his recovery last year, he looked after the garden and kept the hospital accounts. He worked diligently and was happy in his work. Then, he got malaria and was given a quinine injection because injection works quicker. He says the injection has gone to his head and is responsible for his mental affection. While I was working in my room this morning, I found him wandering to and fro outside, shouting and gesticulating. I went out to him and walked with him. He was quieted. But the moment I left him, he became uncontrollable again. He gets violent, too, and listens to no one. So, he had to be sent to jail.
"It has naturally hurt me to think that one of our workers should be sent to jail. I may be asked: 'What about your Ramanama which you have claimed to be a cure-all?' Even in the face of this failure, let me reiterate that my faith remains intact. Ramanama can never fail. The failure only means a lack in us. We must seek the cause of failure within us."
Harijan, 1-9-1946