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23. Nature Cure for the poor
Nature Cure means a change for the better in one's outlook on life itself. It means regulation of one's life in accordance with the laws of health. It is not a matter of taking free medicine from the hospital or for fees.
A man who takes free treatment from the hospital accepts charity. The man who accepts Nature Cure never begs. Self-help enhances self-respect. He takes steps to cure himself by eliminating poisons from the system and takes precautions against falling ill in the future.
The central feature of Nature Cure treatment is Ramanama. But it must come from the heart, if it is to be a remedy for all one's ailments.
Right diet and balanced diet are necessary. Today our villages are as bankrupt as we are ourselves. To produce enough vegetables, fruits and milk in the villages, is an essential part of the Nature Cure scheme. Time spent on this should not be considered a waste. It is bound to benefit all the villagers and ultimately the whole of India.
Harijan, 2-6-1946