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Mahatma Gandhiji was primarily a man of God. He was a great devotee of Daridranarayan — an humble and passionate servant of Humanity. Truth was his "End" and Love was his "Means". His ever- expanding love aspired to embrace and serve the whole of humanity — especially the poor and the miserable. This passion for service led him to work in all spheres of life — social, educational, economic and even political. However, God-realization alone was his all-absorbing ideal — the main spring of all his varied activities. He ardently aspired to "see God face to face".
Light of India — acclaimed as "original", "unique" and "excellent" by the elite of Bharat, I have tried to give a fairly comprehensive view of almost all the important as­pects of Mahatmaji's message to humanity. Since then several monumental works also have been published throwing light on this all-important subject. But unfortunately, the fruit is missed among the rich foliage. The main spring of Mahatmaji's activities has been woefully overlooked as a result of which the present activities have been deprived of their energi­zing vitality. Hence I have tried to bring the core of his message to the notice of the young aspirants, through this fresh compilation, so that it may serve as a perennial source of inspiration to them in their budding lives.
Light of India can be regarded as the Bible of Gandhiji, this little volume would be his "Sermon on the Mount". Our Navajivan Trust, which is serving as the Bible Society of modern Bharat, would, it is hoped, bring out cheap and fine editions of such books, in all the languages of Bharat as well as in, at least a few principal languages of the world, and place them in the hands of all aspirants for their daily perusal, reflection and assimilation.
We are also passing through a critical period when enthusiasm for spiritual and moral values, generated by Mahatmaji, has been fast waning and that for material ones has been steadily gaining ground. So to restore genuine love for these high values among the people, we urgently require a band of young aspirants vibrating with zeal for noble life, ready to tread the pathway chalked out by saints like Gandhiji. For achieving this high ideal, their living words of wis­dom, "the precious life-blood of Master Spirits," should be placed in the young hands, in an attractive garb, so that they may "read, re-read, chew and digest'' this rich, life-giving material and build their model lives for others to emulate. Such living ideals alone are capable of raising the moral and spiritual level of humanity. And it is only when this level is suffi­ciently raised that the world would have the privilege of enjoying the blessed era of lasting peace and pro­sperity.
May this Pathway to God inspire young men throughout the world to lead the Life of Light practised and preached by Gandhiji, so that our "Light of India" might soon become the "Light of the World".
"Shanti Kunja"
Vikrampura Extension Athani, Dist.
Belgaum, Mysore State
M. S. Deshpande