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Sources - Abbreviations
A. An Autobiography (Ed. 1945) by Gandhiji
C.G.G.V.L. Conversations of Gandhiji, quoted in Gandhiji's View of Life
E.F. Epic Fast
E. R. Ethical Religion
F.P.J. Free Press Journal
F. Y. M. From Teravda Mandir
G. Gandhiji, published in 1944 on Gandhiji's 75th Birthday; Karnatak Publishing House, Bombay.
G.C. Gandhiji in Ceylon
G.H. Guide to Health
G.S. Gospel of Selfless Action or The Gita According to Gandhi by Mahadev Desai
H Harijan
M.D. The Diary of Mahadev Desai, Vol. I
S.W. Speeches and Writings of Mahatma Gandhi
Y. Young India