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No security except God
Before Independence, Gandhiji visited East-West frontier provinces. There he was a guest of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, a beloved leader of the Khudai Khidamatgars, who was also known as the ‘Sarhad na Gandhi’, that is, the ‘Frontier Gandhi’.
The watchmen, equipped with weapons were settled near the place where Gandhiji had to sleep at night. It was only as a safety measure. Gandhiji noticed this.
He asked Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, “What is this?”
“Bapu, this is just to drive away the intruders.”
How would Gandhiji be satisfied with the answer? He said, “I do not want these watchmen.”
He told this quietly, but with firmness. There was no scope for further arguments. Weapons were taken away from the watchmen. Only then did he sleep.
The news travelled fast throughout the province: Just look! How remarkable this man is. He has such faith in God that he does not even need or care for weapon.