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Always on time !
Gandhiji was extremely particular about punctuality. Tilak Maharaj got half an hour late at the Godhara Political Conference. On that occasion Gandhiji said, “Swaraj would come half an hour late.”
He would take all precautions in advance to stick to his scheduled. A case was prosecuted against him in Champaran. The time was fixed to reach at 11o’clock. The horse cart was arranged for his reaching there. Gandhiji said that the horse cart must come at half past ten. His colleagues said that the horse cart would not take half an hour to reach there. Why should it be called so early? Gandhiji was quick to reply, “If it does not arrive here at 10:30 then what? I should have that much of spare time on hand so that I can walk down to court if necessary.”
He was always extra careful regarding keeping his time, and would not allow it to be interrupted by some unexpected happening or the general negligence of our people.