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A novel leader
Gandhi, the man of action, had recently come back from South Africa. He had started his Ashram in Kocharab in Ahmedabad and had devoted himself to the service of the nation.
A local barrister came to Gandhiji to get some work in the service of the nation. At that time Gandhiji was busy cleaning the cereal in the kitchen.
Gandhiji welcomed the barrister guest, spread a carpet on the floor and told, “Please sit.”
The barrister was dressed in coat and pantaloon. He remained standing and spoke, “Well, I have not come here to sit. I want some work. I have come to the Ashram
in the hope that you will give me some suitable work.”
Gandhiji said, “It’s a matter of great pleasure.”
Saying so, Gandhiji placed a small pile of the cereal before him and said: “Please clean it properly, so that no granules of stones are left.”
The barrister was astonished and taken aback. According to his culture, the work of cleaning the cereals was that of servants and women.
He hesitantly said, “Do I have to clean the cereal?”
Gandhiji replied, “Yes, at present I have only this work to offer.”
The Barrister did not lack wit. He soon understood that, this leader was of a different kind, who does not make any distinction between small and big work. He just wants to see that all Indians, small or big, are eager and equipped to do any kind of work.
In the presence of Gandhiji, as the barrister went on cleaning the cereal, at the same time he was inspired to move away rigid concepts and wrong thinking from his own life as well.