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Great flexibility
When Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was released from jail in late 1934, Gandhiji called him to Wardha to take rest. He came to Wardha with his children and stayed there at Jamanalal Bajaj’s place. They would all go to Bapu at prayer time.
Then came Bapu’s birthday. Bapu told them to stay back for the meal.
After the meal, Khansaheb’s son Gani told Bapu, “I felt very happy coming here today. I thought that today is Bapu’s birthday, so we will get the feasts of various dishes like Pulav and Murgi (chicken) and all to eat. But, see, today also there is the same pumpkin as usual; in addition, today only boiled pumpkin is being served!”
Listening to that Gandhiji burst into laughter.
Then he took Khansaheb aside and said, “See, these are children. We should give them the food, what they like. We will get them meat and eggs.”
Khansaheb told Bapu, “Bapu, they are just doing it for fun. Wherever we go, they eat just the same food whatever our host takes. If you will give them something else, even so, they won’t touch it.”
Just as Khansaheb denied for some other food to be cooked, the children also did the same thing.