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Anasakti Yoga
In Verulam, about eleven miles from the Phoenix Ashram, a temple of Laxminarayan was built from the money donated by a well-to-do Indian. Gandhiji was invited to inaugurate this temple and he accepted this invitation due to their affection.
The organisers insisted that all ashramites should also come with Gandhiji. They said that railway fare would be provided for all. They even assured that they had enough funding for all these purposes.
Gandhiji’s method was always unique and different. He told them with a smile, “Well, you can give us the railway fare. However, let me tell you that we will take the railway fare from you, but we will walk down to reach here. The savings would be credited in the account of the organisation.
Arrangement was made at the station to welcome Gandhiji. So, it was decided that Gandhiji alone would catch the train just one stop before the Verulam station.
The temple was inaugurated very well. People’s joy found no boundary. But, it was a temple of Laxminarayan and the Laxmi created a problem for Gandhiji. The silver lock and key of the inauguration ceremony was presented to Gandhiji and along with that, a copy of Bhagvad Gita (a religious scripture), framed with a golden metal sheet, was also given to him.
Gandhiji poured out his heart before the public. “The silver lock and the key and the gold framed Gita, which you have given to me has added to my worry. Where would I keep them? In fact, it is as if the diamond was framed with tin. The Gita itself is a shining jewel. How come an inanimate object like gold is going to add to its beauty? Now, I cannot keep this Gita with me. I will be burdened to take care of it, so that it is not stolen by somebody. The Gita teaches detachment to us and you pushed me into an attachment! But, I have now become an expert. I will find my way out.”
Gandhiji credited the income received from that silver and gold in the account of the Phoenix ashram and became even lighter than before.