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A lesson for detachment
German architect Hermann Kallenbach got attracted towards Gandhiji’s lifestyle and became his lifelong friend. When Gandhiji was to be released from the jail for the second time, Kallenbach bought a brand new car to receive Gandhiji and stood near the jail gate to welcome him.
Gandhiji came out from the jail and met everybody. Then, Kallenbach requested Gandhiji to get into the car.
Gandhiji asked, “Whose car is this?”
“It’s mine. I have just purchased it and then came here directly.”
Gandhiji asked, “Why did you purchase it?”
Kallenbach was discouraged a bit.
He hesitantly said, “Just to pick you up.”
Gandhiji right away demanded of his friend, “You must immediately put this car for auction. Why should you have this kind of attachment for me? I am not going to sit in that. I shall stand here, until you return after leaving the car.
Kallenbach immediately went to put the car at the auction headquarters. Gandhiji and all others who had come to receive him were standing at the jail gate until Kallenbach returned back; after he was back, everybody went together on foot to the lodge.