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Adan's affection
The jail warder Adan was handicapped, with one hand. But, he would join Gandhiji in his work of spinning and carding with great effort and resoluteness. He had become an expert in making slivers and was very enthusiastic about that work.
Gandhiji’s eyes started paining after a few months of spinning and the doctor advised him to give rest to his eyes. But, how could Gandhiji listen to it?
Adan was very miserable. He started explaining to Gandhiji that now he should stop or reduce working.
After listening to him Gandhiji said, “See, Adan, the sun rises regularly and gives light to the whole world. It never stops working. Then why should we leave our work?”
What would poor Adan say? He merely kept quiet, but he was worried about Gandhiji’s health. After some days Gandhiji’s health deteriorated and he reduced his food. He used to have four pieces of Roti, but now he told Adan to give him only two.
Adan kept staring at Gandhiji, and then quietly said, “Maharaj, the Sun God does not leave the rule, then how can you also reduce the Roti?” Gandhiji just could not stop laughing, listening to Adan’s argument.
Gandhiji writes, “I will always cherish his love as one of my most invaluable reminiscences.”