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Firm on commitment
This incident occurred when Gandhiji was practicing law in Johannesburg in South Africa. The office was three miles from the house. Once, Gandhiji’s companion Mr. Polak told Gandhiji’s thirteen year old son Manilal to bring a book home from the office. Manilal forgot to do so. The news reached Gandhiji.
Gandhiji went to Manilal and told him softly, but with firmness, “The night is dark, the path is difficult, coming and going is about six miles. Still, because you had committed, you have to bring the book from the office for Mr. Polak.”
On hearing this, Ba and all the other family members got worried. Questions were also raised as to why Bapu should insist in this manner.
An office companion, Kalyanjibhai told, “I will bring the book or let me go with Manilal.”
Gandhiji accepted the second option. The thirteen year old son brought the book for Mr. Polak even at that late night. A father, who was tender than a flower, but also harder than a rock, meticulously took care that his son would accomplish the work that he had accepted and promised.