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Story time in jail
Once, a discussion started in the Yeravada jail, on how the proverb ‘Sangharyo Sap Pan Kamno’ (Even a snake in one’s collection can be of use) came into being.
First, Bapu told a story: “A snake appeared in the house of an old lady. People killed the snake. The old woman kept the snake on the roof of her house instead of throwing it away. At that time, one eagle was flying in the sky and it had brought a pearl necklace from somewhere. It saw the snake and considering it more valuable than the necklace, threw the necklace on the roof and picked up the snake!” Thus the old woman received the pearl necklace for storing the snake!”
Then Sardar Patel told another story: A snake appeared at a Bania’s (merchant) place. There was no one to kill it. The Bania did not dare to kill it,and nobody liked to kill the reptile. So, he covered the snake with a utensil. That night, the thieves broke into his house and thinking that, there must be something valuable below the utensil, lifted the same. The snake immediately bit them. Thus, they received the death for the theft.
One can say that everybody told a story in their own characteristic manner.