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Punctual Bapu
Deshbandhu Das was in Darjeeling, and was unwell. Gandhiji went there to inquire after his health. On his return journey, he had to catch the Dhaka Mail, to attend a function at Nawabganj. But, it had so happened on the way that, some part of the rock had collapsed on the railway track. This created such a situation that, Gandhiji might miss the Dhaka Mail. But not to reach on time was not something Gandhiji could ever afford.
One colleague then suggested going by a special train. Gandhiji immediately welcomed it, saying, “Just as I am strict in following my timings meticulously with the Viceroy, in the same strict manner I should be punctual in keeping the time given to the people.”
The special train fare of Rs. 1,140 had to be paid, but he remained present at that particular function on time, amongst his countrymen.